Saturday, March 20, 2010

Short Reviews

Reviewing single issues of comics is frequently like commenting on a chapter of a novel before finishing the book. Something that I have a problem with may have been resolved in a different installment. A promising storyline may fall apart by its conclusion. Still, here are my general impressions of some recent issues.

Fables #93
Bill Willingham's Fables has been one of the most consistent monthly comics since its premiere. That being said, it appears that the stories have lost some of their focus since the conclusion of the war with the Adversary.

This issue concludes a two-part storyline where Flycatcher must preside over a murder trial in his kingdom. Willingham presents the conflicted morality involved in judging the case. Hopefully, the consequences of his decision will be explored more in future issues.

American Vampire #1
Scott Snyder, Stephen King, and Rafael Albuquerque premiere a new ongoing series that documents the saga of a pair of vampires throughout American history. One is an old-west outlaw, the other is an aspiring starlet from the 1920s.

While the concept for the series is Snyder's, it looks like it will follow King's style of taking extra time to develop the central characters. That's a good thing.

Time will tell if the series lives up to its initial promise.

The Green Hornet: Year One #1
This is one of several Green Hornet projects that Dynamite is releasing in anticipation of the upcoming Michel Gondry/Seth Rogan film. In this instance, Matt Wagner provides the origin of the crime-fighting duo of Britt Reid and Kato.

I like how clearly Wagner establishes Reid as part of a newspaper legacy and Kato as a product of Imperial Japan. The art by Aaron Campbell serves the story well.

X-Factor Forever #1
Marvel follows up its nostalgia-heavy X-Men Forever with a new mini-series that picks up where Louise Simonson left off on her X-Factor run.

Like X-Men Forever, I can't help but enjoy a book that takes me back to the era that defined my enjoyment of Marvel's line of mutant titles. It even has Apocalypse. Recommended for fans of the original team of Scott, Jean, Warren, Hank, and Bobby.


Mindy Crouchley said...

Schweet - glad you liked the first issue of American Vampire! Picked it up on Wednesday, and gonna read that tomorrow and post my thoughts soon.

Also nice to see you posting regularly. Hope this is a trend that sticks.

Hisham said...

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it.