Monday, March 22, 2010

Johnny Storm is Steve Rogers

According to the Heat Vision Blog, Chris Evans has agreed to play the lead in the upcoming Captain America film.

Evans portrayal of the Human Torch was a major highlight of the two Fantastic Four movies. While those films were generally fairly weak, Evans reinvigorated his character with an infectious charisma. His interpretation of Johnny Storm made him the maverick superhero guys of many different ages might want to become.

With Captain America, Evans takes on a new challenge. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Steve Rogers is a character that requires a certain amount of gravitas as a symbol of America, but still needs to simultaneously show his humanity.

If Evans is able to accomplish that, he will justifiably be compared with another young actor named Chris who had to leap a similar hurdle when he accepted a major superhero role.

Of course I'm speaking of Christopher Reeve.

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Mindy Crouchley said...

I'm actually looking forward to this. Evans did a wonderful job in Sunshine, and has already proven he's comfortable with the superhero genre nad comic book material(Fantastic Four, Push, The Losers.

Surprised they went with a more well-known actor, as I think he's locked in for what...9 movies now? Yikes.