Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Guild: Year One

Felicia Day's web series The Guild is a very funny satire of gaming culture. The various members of the "Knights of Good" guild present a broad selection of dysfunctional personalities as they feed their shared online addictions. Even a non-gamer like myself was able to be amused by it and find much more enjoyable than many current television comedies.

With the new comic book series from Dark Horse, Day teams up with talented artist Jim Rugg to present a look at the early days of how the "Knights" first connected and the context of their lives. So far Day's talent for writing webisodes adapts well to writing for comics and the overall concept works very well with the new medium.


Mindy Crouchley said...

Duuuude - I tried to get a copy of this comic on Wednesday but it was sold out.

Does Guapo have any in stock?

Hisham said...

They may still have a copy. If not, I can lend you mine.