Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bendis Gets More Love

First, Gamespot has a an interview with Brian Michael Bendis where they discuss his upcoming comic book tie-in with the Halo video game. It's especially exciting since it involves a reteaming of Bendis with his Daredevil collaborator, Alex Maleev.

Then, in an essay largely critical of the mysogyny in American Comics, Guardian blogger Ned Beauman singles out Bendis for some special praise:

But perhaps the greatest female superhero of recent years is Brian Michael Bendis's Jessica Jones. . . . Bendis took us inside her head, creating one of the bravest, wittiest and most sensitive portraits of a female character that superhero comics have ever seen.

The rest of the essay is mostly a summary of the responces to Marvel's Mary Jane statue, the controversial cover of Heroes for Hire, and Power Girl's bust size on a recent cover of Justice League America.

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